SchizTech Studio

My name is Dor & I’ve started the SchizTech Studio back in 2012, right after I finished my engineering studies. With the passion for Android & a little help from extremely kind people I could bring to life some of my ideas.
My goal for SchizTech Studio is simple. well… simplicity. Why would you work hard to find the way of how to do simple tasks on your devices? For example: Why does it take at least 3 clicks to switch from a game your playing to the messaging application? Those are the kind of things SchizTech is trying to solve.

Dor Yehuda (Software Engineer)

Graduated with BSc Certificate of Excellence in software engineering studies @ Afeka Collage, Tel Aviv (2008 – 2012).
Currently hired as a C# developer, defining & developing management information systems with WPF, Entity Framework & WCF.
Also, obviously, an Android platform developer at SchizTech Studio, as a freelance.