Talking Timer

The only timer that talks!

4.4 stars on Google Play

Talking TimerGoogle Play4.4

Talking Timer is a Simple, Clean, Easy to use and accurate. The only timer in the market that TALKS & gives you alert intervals!


Talking Timer is packed with beautiful yet simple design, which will allow you to concentrate on what’s really matters: The time left!

Using big digits and similar design to an actual digital timer, the ease of use is increased to give you a suitable solution for your timer needs.

Interval Alerts

Talking Timer is the only timer out there which gives you the ability to add intervals to the total timer time. No more setting a short timer for each task, now you can set a timer for the whole activity while getting notification on each break!

Custom Messages (Pro)

After all, a talking timer is not complete without adjusting the spoken text. Set you’re own message with variables (such as time left, time passed) & get a customized personal experience.

Background Alerts

You can set an timer and go on to do whatever you want, the Talking Timer will work in the background and make sure you got the message! The messages will be spoken out loud so you can keep concentrating on what you’re doing.

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